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Mademoiselle Fitness Centers Coupon page layout and design

Mademoiselle Fitness Centers Coupon page layout and design

Project Description : Mademoiselle Figure & Fitness Centers are a women-only fitness club based in metro Denver, Colorado. hyperSystems developed this web site as a marketing tool for Mademoiselle.

Mademoiselle Figure & Fitness Centers was opened in 1972 to provide a place just for women to workout for weight control or staying fit. Today there are 3 Mademoiselle Figure & Fitness Centers in the Denver metro area where exercise and fitness are combined in a safe, secure supportive environment. Privacy, support, encouragement, personal attention and fun combined into the comfort of a health club for women.

The web site design for the Mademoiselle Figure & Fitness Centers project was created with Macromedia's Dreamweaver and Fireworks applications for the production of layout and graphical elements. For keyword generation, search engine optimization and submission to over 100 search engines, VSE's BeFound search engine software was used resulting in increased search engine rankings and ensuring wider placement and visibility across the internet.

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